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Taking regular care of your sheet vinyl is simple and can add years to the life of your floor. Remove dust and grit particles frequently by sweeping or vacuuming. Don't use a vacuum with a beater bar as it may scratch your floor. The attachments that come with your vacuum are useful to clean the edges or to get to hard to reach areas.


When sweeping or vacuuming does not remove dirt, mop the floor with clean warm water. Rinse the floor thoroughly with fresh water. If water alone does not clean the surface, use cleaning products recommended by the manufacturer of the flooring. Flooring manufacturers' recommendations for particular cleaning products vary. If you are unable to determine the manufacturer's recommendations, use one tablespoon of liquid dish washing detergent to one quart of water. Another alternative is to use one tablespoon of ammonia to one quart warm water. Make sure you rinse the surface to avoid leaving behind a film.

For spots or spills, use a clean cloth to wipe the cleaner onto the floor. Avoid highly abrasive scrubbing tools, as they will leave scratches. Rinse the floor thoroughly and wipe dry with a clean cloth. This will enhance the shine on your floor. If you use a commercial product, make sure the floor manufacturer recommends the product and that the product label indicates "self-cleaning" meaning you will not get an accumulation of wax on your floor.

Protect your vinyl floor from damage by covering the legs of furniture with felt protectors. Take precautions when moving heavy objects across the floor.
Keep in mind that if a repair is necessary in the future, the replacement product may be a slightly different dyelot and/or texture than the initial installation. However, with time and usage your repair will blend in with original product.


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